Multiple Wavelength Digital Refractometer ATR-L

Multiple Wavelength Digital Refractometer ATR-L
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Multiple Wavelength Digital Refractometer ATR-L  
Measurement of the critical angle of total reflection at 7 discrete wavelengths, wavelengths range according to prior agreement
Technical data
Measuring range:            1.33200 to 1.70000 nD at 589 nm*
Resolution:                       0.00001 nD
Precision:                         ± 0.0001 at 20°C
Temperature control:    Internal electronic Peltier thermostat
Temperature range:      +18°C to +30°C (other ranges on request)
Temperature resolution:   0.01°C
Temperature accuracy:     0.03°C
Ambient temperature:      +10°C to +40°C
Light source:                      LED, 7 discrete wavelengths in the range of 500 - 900 nm (others upon request)
Filter bandwidth:               ± 10 – 15 nm
Sensor:                          High resolution CCD-Array with 2048 elements
Prism:                            Sapphire, scratch-resistant
Sample room:              Stainless steel, black Delrin, Teflon, FFKM
Display:                        Illuminated LCD, 16 x 16 characters, alphanumeric
Data output:                RS232 C serial / parallel interface, USB optional
Power supply:            90 – 240 V, 48 – 62 Hz
Dimensions:                Measuring head:   250 x 210 x 210 mm
                                      Electronic unit: 225 x 360 x 110 mm
 Weight:                       8 kg (complete unit)
* the measuring range depends on the selected wavelength
** the DSR- is only calibrated for all built in wavelengths in the temperature range from +10°C up to +40°C. At temperatures above +40°C the accuracy might be narrowly differ from the expected theoretically values due to non-existence of standards at this temperature ranges. precision approx. 0.001 nD.
Customs tariff item :   9027 5000 EU
Country of origin :   Federal Republic of Germany
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Produkto tipo aprašymas: Refraktometer ATR-L
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