Quartz control plates, single, +50┬░Z (┬▒1┬░Z) with temperature sensor

Quartz control plates, single, +50┬░Z (┬▒1┬░Z) with temperature sensor
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Quartz control plates, single, +50┬░Z (┬▒1┬░Z)

Quartz control plates are measuring standards, used as testing and adjusting kits for polarimeters.
For each SCHMIDT + HAENSCH quartz control plate a factory certificate is supplied, indicating the absolute angle of rotation in angular ┬░ and ┬░Z for the wavelength 405, 546, 587, 589.3, 589.44, 633 and 882 nm.

The angle of rotation of the quartz plate is directly correlated to its thickness and will be indicated at a temperature of 20 ┬░C for the wavelength 589 nm.

For checking the calibration of our polarimeters we recommend to use long-term stable quartz control plates (QCP). The sample room of Schmidt+Haensch polarimeter permits the vertical movement of quartz control plates as well as the free rotation (┬▒360┬░) around their own axis. Only by a rotation it is possible to check if the plates are mounted without strain and permit an examination of the polarimeter according to processing regulations of international standards like ICUMSA and OIML.

The readings of all polarimeters are influenced by the temperature.
To counterbalance these temperature effects we recommend using quartz control plates which are
equipped with a temperature sensor. That means, that if you are using a QCP with a thermo sensor
and connect that to the plug in the sample room, the instrument will compensate the temperature
effect automatically, displayed in ┬░ angular degree for the QPC. The measured temperature is
displayed also.
If you are not using such a temperature sensor, the instrument assumes that the temperature
is the standard temperature, which is 20 ┬░C (25 ┬░C). The measured value must be corrected manually.

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