testo 835-T2 - 4 point Infrared Thermometer

testo 835-T2 - 4 point Infrared Thermometer
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Užsakymo numeris.: 05608352 402,55 € (= 415,00 € - 3.00 %) Kaina už 1 vnt. be PVM (21%) plius siuntimo išlaidos
IR measurements from a safe distance; precise measuring of moving objects
Extended temperature range for reliable measurements up to 1 500 °C
4-point-laser and 50:1 optics for precise measurements over greater distances
Memory for up to 200 readings; easy analysis with free-to-download software


Ideal for use in the glass, ceramics or the metal industry: the testo 835-T2 high temperature infrared thermometer is the ideal professional tool for a wide variety of thermal applications in the high temperature range. The testo 835-T2 has an extremely wide temperature range which allows you to carry out thermal measurements up to 1?500 °C - and all from a safe distance. It doesn`t matter whether the objects are small, hard to reach, moving or very hot. Thanks to the leading-edge technology tucked away inside, the testo 835-T2 allows you to measure the temperature in all four cases quickly and safely.

  • The 4-point laser clearly indicates the measuring area and prevents incorrect measurements
  • The 50:1 optics allow you to carry out measurements from a long distance and still obtain excellent results (distance 5 m = 10 cm measuring spot)
  • The integrated degree of emission table enables you to select the correct degree of emission of the measured surface
  • The backlit display allows you to use your infrared thermometer in all lighting conditions

The testo 835-T2 also allows you to carry out contact temperature measurements. The thermometer is equipped with a connecting point for a wide range of optional temperature sensors. The temperature sensor can also be used to automatically measure the degree of emission of a particular surface. This makes it easier to carry out subsequent infrared measurements.

There is also a wide range of optional accessories - including a tripod and a robust carry case - that allow you to customize your testo 835-T2 infrared thermometer to suit your needs.

For easy analysis and easy use

The testo 835-T2 comes with an easy-to-follow menu, self-explanatory icons and a user-friendly joystick. Your infrared thermometer can be used to create different measuring sites or save up to 200 readings while additional features including min/max values, adjustable thresholds and visual and acoustic alarms which are triggered when thresholds have been exceeded make work more efficient and life easier. The free-to-download software provides you with a quick and convenient means of analyzing your measuring data.

General technical data


*disabled for continuous measurement and USB connection



Emissivity table

20 values

Laser spot

on / off


EN 61326-1:2006


2 years


audible; Optical

Auto-off backlight

30 s*

Auto-off instrument

120 s*

Battery type

3 batteries type AA (or USB operating with PC-Software)

Battery life

25 h (typical 25°C without laser and backlight) 10 h (typical 25°C without backlight)

Display type

Dot Matrix


200 measuring values

Storage temperature

-30 to +50 °C


514 g


193 x 166 x 63 mm

Operating temperature

-20 to +50 °C

Temperature - TC Type K (NiCr-Ni)

Measuring range

-50 to +1000 °C


±(0.5 °C + 0.5 % of mv)


0.1 °C

Temperature - Infrared

Measuring range

-10 to +1500 °C


±2.0 °C or ±1 % of mv


0.1 °C (-10.0 to +999.9 °C)

1 °C (+1000.0 to +1500.0 °C)

testo 835-T2 high temperature infrared thermometer, 4-point laser marking, measuring data administration, batteries, calibration protocol.

(-) Techniniai duomenys:
Žemutinė temperatūros diapazono riba: -10 °C
Viršutinė temperatūros diapazono riba: 1,5 k°C
Įtampa: Baterija
Plotis: 63 mm
Gylis: 166 mm
Aukštis: 193 mm
EAN Code: 4029547011931
Mobilūs instrumentai: Taip


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