UVP PCR Cabinet

UVP PCR Cabinet
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  • UVP PCR Cabinet

  •          254nm UV irradiation to achieve efficient decontamination
  •          Easy-clean antimicrobial coating on the stainless steel and
  •          aluminum surfaces doubles up the attack on PCR contaminants
  • Safety shut-off switch automatically turns the UV light off when door is opened
  • Makrolon® panels block all UV light below 400 nm
  • Built-in power outlets for operation of equipment inside the system
  • Touch screen interface to control all system functions
  • Choice of HEPA or non-HEPA system configurations based on customer needs
  • Unique folding assembly that takes as little as 20 minutes
  • Quick and easy filter and lamp replace ment as well as service 
  • Technical Data                                                                   
    Specifications UVP HEPA PCR Cabinet

    UV Source (254 nm)

    • Inside the work area
    • Air recirculator at the bottom

    UV Safety

    • UV shut-off switches in all the chambers
    • Red LED ambient light to indicate UV on

    White light

    Overhead white LED lights brightly illuminates the work area

    Filter module

    No filter


    15 minutes, 30 minutes, custom (up to 99 minutes)

    Power outlets




    Work surface

    Antimicrobial coated stainless steel and aluminum

    Dimensions (W x D x H)

    686 x 508 x 889 mm (27 x 20 x 35 in.)

    Dimensions (W x D x H)

    635 x 432 x 737 mm (25 x 17 x 29 in.)