Counting balance Max 360 g: d=0,001 g

Counting balance Max 360 g: d=0,001 g
Prek─Ś gali skirtis nuo prek─Śs, parodytos nuotraukoje
U┼żsakymo numeris.: CKE3603 232,00┬áÔéČ (= 290,00┬áÔéČ - 20.00 %) Kaina u┼ż 1 vnt. be PVM (21%) plius siuntimo i┼ílaidos

Self-explanatory graphic control panel, counting process can be understood immediately, even without operating instructions.
- no learning time = reduces costs
- ideal for untrained users
- visualised process avoids operating errors avoids
The 4 steps are carried out from left to right:
Place the empty container onto the weighing plate and tare by pressing the TARE key
Place the reference quantity for the goods to be counted into the container (5, 10 or 20 pieces)
Confirm the selected reference quantity by pressing the key (5, 10 or 20)
Pour in the goods to be counted. The number of pieces will immediately be shown in the display
Precise counting: The automatic reference weight optimisation of reference weight gradually improves the averag piece weight value
Two scales in one: Switching from counting mode to weighing mode at the touch of a key
Optional battery operation, only for models with weighing plate size W├ŚD 340├Ś240 mm, batteries 6├Ś1.5 V Size C not standard,
(-) Techniniai duomenys:
Did┼żiausia apkrova: 360 g
Rezoliucija: 1 mg
EAN Code: 4045761153578