School balance 0,001 g : 200 g

School balance 0,001 g : 200 g
Prek─Ś gali skirtis nuo prek─Śs, parodytos nuotraukoje
U┼żsakymo numeris.: EMB2003V 200,00┬áÔéČ (= 250,00┬áÔéČ - 20.00 %) Kaina u┼ż 1 vnt. be PVM (21%) plius siuntimo i┼ílaidos

Density determination made easy! Thanks to the self-explanatory, graphic-assisted control panel, the density of solids and liquids can be determined in seconds, making them ideal for use in schools and universities
Self-explanatory graphic control panel
Visualised process avoids operating errors
- No learning time = reduces costs
- Ideal for untrained users
The 4 steps are carried out from left to right:
Tare the balance by pressing the key
Select density determination mode (solids/liquids)
Weighing of samples/ plummets in air
Weighing of samples/ plummets in liquid. The density will be shown on the display right away
Particularly flat design
Hook for underfloor weighing standard
Ready for use: Batteries included, 9 V Block, operating time up to 12 h. AUTO-OFF function to preserve the batteries
Balance and appropriate set for density determination should be ordered at the same time, see accessories
In order to make it easier for you to make the right choice of KERN balance, we have included a quality code for each model, which is made up of two quality features and will give you technical data and pictograms in addition to the product features. This will help you to make the decision on the perfect balance for your application, please click here for more information
(-) Techniniai duomenys:
Did┼żiausia apkrova: 200 g
Rezoliucija: 1 mg
EAN Code: 4045761133877