Crane scale 1 kg : 3000 kg

Crane scale 1 kg : 3000 kg
Prek─Ś gali skirtis nuo prek─Śs, parodytos nuotraukoje
U┼żsakymo numeris.: HTS3T3AM 472,00┬áÔéČ (= 590,00┬áÔéČ - 20.00 %) Kaina u┼ż 1 vnt. be PVM (21%) plius siuntimo i┼ílaidos

With the T├ťV certification mark, the scale meets the requirements of the standard EN 13155 (Non-fixed load lifting attachments/Breakage resistance) and EN 61010-1 (Electrical safety)
Professional device for robust applications in production, quality control, logistics etc.
Because of its stable construction and robust design, it is ideal for continuous use in industrial environment
High mobility: thanks to battery operation, compact construction and low weight, it is suitable for use in several locations (production, warehouse, dispatch department etc.)
Range of tare: 100 % of
LED display with Gross/Tare/Net
charge status indication visualised through LED
Standby function: display automatically switched off after 5 min without a change of load. Automatic activation with the touch of a key
Tare: Resets the display to 0 when there is a load on the scale. Now removed or added loads are directly displayed
Hook with safety catch, non-revolving
Infrared remote control standard. Range up to 8 m. All functions can be selected. W├ŚD├ŚH 65├Ś24├Ś100 mm. Batteries included, 9 V
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Rezoliucija: 1 kg
EAN Code: 4045761152687